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The AmpliSens, has an excellent stability and sensitivity, is adaptable from conventional PCR to Real-Time PCR. And the AmpliSens supply convenience test due to Pre-mix type and using specific software, so it's supplied accuracy and convenience.
Moreover, AmpliSens has adapted technique to protect contamination due to wax layer, is not influence on PCR reaction.

The features of

The AmpliSens is a molecular biology diagnostic reagent, acquired CE mark through a strict quality process and inspection. You can experiment HIV, Hepatitis virus, STD, Respiratory pathogen and etc. easily, and get a satisfying result by using Amplisens.

  • AmpliSens provides a stable study data through a strict quality process and inspection.
  • Experimental application is very convenient because AmpliSens has a variety of products.
  • AmpliSens is available to apply to both conventional PCR and real-time PCR.
  • AmpliSens has outstanding compatibility, so it can be applied to various real-time PCR machine.
  • Wax-Layer is able to prevent the contamination and doesn't affect PCR reaction basically. It raises the level of trust in result of PCR experiment.
  • The multiple detection of real-time PCR reduces the time of experiment efficiently.


The Principle of Real-Time PCR

The real-time PCR that can measure DNA quantities by using probe with labeled fluorescences, is more sensitive than conventional PCR and, can analyze the results without electophoresis running of agarose gels. So, this is using for various molecular diagnosis widly.

Fig.1. The Principle of Real-time PCR
Fig.2. The main fluorescences for probe
Fig.4. The analysis results of Real-time PCR
Fig.5. The Sensitivity cmparison of conventional PCR, nested PCR and Real-time PCR (HPV genotyping kit)
The protection of both Contamination and Carry-over

The blocking of contamination is essential to protect the wrong interpretation because of contamination!

Contamination or Carry-over (Report of the wrong test)

The AmpliSens products do perfectly block contaminations!

The AmpliSens products do perfectly block contaminations!

AmpliSens doesn't only have product to apply "Real-Time PCR" of some maker, but AmpliSens has products to apply both "End point PCR" and "conventional PCR".


Directive 98/79/EC
ISO 13485:2012

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