정상 세포와 암세포 모두 세포가 괴사(necrosis)되거나 사멸(apotosis) 되는 중에 DNA 조각들을 혈액으로 방출 시킵니다.

AMPULAB®Cell-Free DNA CTS Tube 는 whole blood 샘플을 채취하고 안정화하고 cfDNA 의 분석을 위하여 유핵 세포들을 보전합니다.


액체생검(Liqauid biopsy), NIPT(Non Invasive Prenatal Test)

  • K3EDTA를 통한 혈액 응고 방지
  • 효과적인 cfDNA 보존 및 검출
  • 보관의 편리성(상온보관)
  • PET 제질 적용
  • ISO9001 & 13485에 따른 제조
  • CE-IVD 및 KFDA 제조 허가 획득

What’s cfDNA(Cell-free DNA)?

Cell-free fetal DNA

Cell-free fetal DNA is fetal DNA circulating freely in the maternal blood stream. It can be sampled by venipuncture on the mother. Analysis of cfDNA provides a method of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and testing.

Using of cell free fetal DNA

  • Paternity tests
  • Early identification of fetal sex
  • Genetic studies for families at high risk for inherited genetic disorders
  • Routine prenatal screening for Rhesus factor
  • Routine prenatal screening for aneuploidy
  • Identification of Preeclampsia
Cell-free tumour DNA

Cell-free tumour DNA is tumor-derived fragmented DNA in the bloodstream that is not associated with cells. cfDNA should not be confused with cell-free DNA (cfDNA), a broader term which describes DNA that is freely circulating in the bloodstream, but is not necessarily of tumor origin.

Using of cell free tumour DNA

  • Main advatage
  • cfDNA in cancer screening
  • cfDNA in cancer monitoring
  • cfDNA as a prognostic biomarker
  • Cancer research