Normal cells and cancer cells release DNA fragments into blood while necrosis and apotosis.

Ampulab Cell Free DNA Collection Tube can preserve Cells for cfDNA Analysis after blood collection.


Liquid biopsy, NIPT(Non Invasive Prenatal Test)

  • Prevent coagulation
  • Stable cfDNA preservation and detection
  • Convenient storage (Room temperature)
  • Plastic tube to prevent breakage
  • certification ISO9001 & 13485
  • certification CE-IVD & KFDA

What’s cfDNA(Cell-free DNA)?

Cell-free fetal DNA

Cell-free fetal DNA is fetal DNA circulating freely in the maternal blood stream. It can be sampled by venipuncture on the mother. Analysis of cfDNA provides a method of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and testing.

Using of cell free fetal DNA

  • Paternity tests
  • Early identification of fetal sex
  • Genetic studies for families at high risk for inherited genetic disorders
  • Routine prenatal screening for Rhesus factor
  • Routine prenatal screening for aneuploidy
  • Identification of Preeclampsia
Cell-free tumour DNA

Cell-free tumour DNA is tumor-derived fragmented DNA in the bloodstream that is not associated with cells. cfDNA should not be confused with cell-free DNA (cfDNA), a broader term which describes DNA that is freely circulating in the bloodstream, but is not necessarily of tumor origin.

Using of cell free tumour DNA

  • Main advatage
  • cfDNA in cancer screening
  • cfDNA in cancer monitoring
  • cfDNA as a prognostic biomarker
  • Cancer research